WYD 2019 – Rosary for Peace

61 have prayed

Among the names that we give our Heavenly Mother is found “Queen of Peace.” This is the last invocation in the litanies, as if, in calling her “Queen of Peace,” we sum up all the others.

The Pope has given us this call: “Make use often of this powerful instrument which is the prayer of the Holy Rosary, that it may bring peace to your heart, to your family, to the Church and the world.”

In these days of WYD, we walk, along with the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, the prayer of the Holy Rosary, saying with Mary “Behold, the servant of the Lord.” We ask her who knew to “save in her heart” the things of God, to accompany us to contemplate in interior silence, the mysteries of the life of her Son. Praying for peace in the world, with the Rosary of the Virgin Mary, cultivates peace of the heart and transforms our surroundings in true “workshops of peace.”

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